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Igor Shtofmakher

Coach and Project Manager

I have all the neccessary qualities and skills to develop your business and represent it on the Internet:
more then 10 yers of job experience on the web;
more then 4 years of coaching and therapy;
specialists and resources, which I am ready to share.

By the age of 31 I realized that I have been managing projects my entire career, but never called it that way. Support, teaching and coordination of projects, people, communications and web-technologies - that is what it was for me. Now I have converted it into a service and sharing my skills and knowledge with everyone who needs it.

Coaching + Project Management Website


In order for project to expand and to create a website, it is neccessary to clarify and comprehend what and how we wish to achieve in a result.
At this point coaching is applied, at its results are pictured on a realtime board. As a result we define stuctured and described project, simultaneously solving all arising issues.

  • Clarification of projects' goals and missions
  • Clarification and description of projects' stucture
  • Determination of development constraining elements
  • Definition of goals and borders for current development stage
  • Stucturing of information required for implementation
  • Formation of projects' realization plan
  • Client support during the process of project realization


Information which is recieved during the process of coaching, can be used as a basement for the next step - website creation. In order to creat and improve a website, project management is used with following stages:

  • Finding suitable and existing solutions
  • Drafting the statement of work
  • Selection of suitable executors
  • Provision of communications between members
  • Coordination of executors and development support
  • Work acceptance and its cylcic modification


As a result of all performed work - the website is created. Executors and their contacts are staying with you, which provides easy support for your website.

  • Website launch and handing over the keys
  • A list of recommended methods for website promotion
  • Recommendation for the next step of development



    Coordination of people and processes


    Caring resource management and disctribution


    Stucturing of information and visualization of business processes


    Website and process expertise


    Development of communication channels for teamwork


    Understanding and full working cycle experience of website creation and specific technologies used


  • 2002-2003


    Web Programmer

    Informational and search catalog of education institutions in Ukraine

  • 2003-2004


    Web Programmer

    Development of a support portal of agricaltural segment

  • 2004-2006


    Web Programmer

    "Main educational centre" division

  • 2003-2009

    Wed studio "BYDESIGN"

    Co-Founder, web programmer

    Development and launching of websites of different complexity

  • 2006-2010


    CEO, Co-Founder

    Complex solution of mobile network issues

  • 2009 to present

    Meditation Portal

    Founder, CEO

    Platform for articles and events about self development, yoga, meditations. Listed in Top 3 themed portals in CIS

  • 2015 to present



    Portal ECO-KNOWLEDGE - platform for knowledge and solutions in environmental lifestyle



To discuss all the details and start to collaborate,
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fullfil the form or call right from the website.

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